Pixie Dust Specials

Looking for a new way to enjoy a luxury stay?
If your Orlando plan includes theme parks / attraction adventures AND a limited budget, this may be the deal for you!

In our efforts to keep a diverse inventory of vacation homes in new, high-demand communities, we sometimes find development projects arising a little close to home. When improvement and updating projects occur in a home, the home is unavailable for rental, but when community projects take place, our homes are largely unaffected.

The daytime neighbors can be a bit more noisy that we may prefer, but as dinner time rolls around, work shuts down for the day, and the serenity you so desire after a long theme-park adventure is perfectly in place – awaiting your return. After all, the largest majority of Central Florida guests aren’t inclined to be homebound all afternoon, so perhaps this unlocks a door that you’ve wanted to open – a door to your family’s next-level vacation!

Rather than shutting these homes down, we are opening them up with fabulous offers that make your home-away-from-home vacation dreams come true (for even less than usual). For a limited-time, enjoy a 30% discount on all “pixie dust special” homes. Contact us today to find out more, or to book your stay!


XRC2593, XRC2589, XRC2585, XRC2581