Your Ultimate Central Florida Vacation Packing List

Orlando Packing List

It’s one of the biggest challenges to your vacation experience – packing! Although everyone is a bit different, there are general items that would be useful overall to most anyone when they are visiting the Central Florida area.

One important thing to note about clothing choices… Our weather and temperatures can be very unpredictable. It’s always smart to plan for a variety of conditions. It’s very likely that you could encounter a day hot enough to melt your skin, with an out-of-nowhere monsoon midday, and a breezy, cool evening. Obviously, include a fair supply of all the basics, as well as comfortable walking shoes. And of course… don’t forget your bathing suit!


☐  Toothbrush and Toothpaste/Floss

☐  Deodorant

☐  Shampoo/Conditioner

☐  Soap

☐  Shaving Razors/Cream

☐  Hair Brush/Comb

☐  Cosmetics

☐  Makeup Remover

☐  Facial Moisturizer

☐  Lip Balm

☐  Eye Care Necessities

☐  Tweezers

☐  Manicure Kit

☐  Cotton Swabs/ Cotton Balls

☐  Hand Sanitizer

☐  Sunscreen

☐  Bug spray

First Aid Kit

☐  Medicines

☐  Band-Aids

☐  Pain relievers

☐  First-aid ointment

☐  Sewing/Mending Kit

☐  Allergy Relief Medication

☐  Antacids

☐  Vitamins


☐  Camera/Video Camera (+ Batteries/Charger)

☐  Cell Phone (+ Charger)

☐  Laptop/Tablet (+ Charger)

☐  Earbuds/headphones

☐  Portable Cell Charger

☐  Portable Gaming Device (+ Charger)

☐  Portable Storage Device/SD Cards

Theme Park Essentials

☐  Backpack

☐  Umbrella/Poncho

☐  Refillable Water Bottle

☐  Sunglasses

☐  Autograph Book/Sharpie Marker

☐  Beach Towel

☐  Travel pillow/blanket (for little ones)

☐  Waterproof Pouch (for electronics)

Important Documents

☐  Cash/Credit Card

☐  Drivers License/ID/Passport

☐  Medical Insurance Cards

☐  Travel Itinerary

☐  Boarding Passes

☐  Auto/Home Rental Confirmations

☐  Emergency Contacts/Directions

Vacation Home Needs

☐  Snacks/Drinks

☐  Nightlight

☐ Books/Magazines

☐ Face Cloths

☐ Bags For Laundry

☐  Garbage Bags

☐  Laundry Soap

☐  Dish Soap

☐  Pool Toys

☐  Paper Goods