Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fearless Voyagers in Your Life

From Marco Polo to Lewis & Clark, history is filled with prolific voyagers who dedicated their lives to adventure and discovery. Even now in the 21st century the spirit of adventure thrives in the hearts of many. These are the people who hit the trails every weekend, who aren’t afraid to hit the road before they know exactly where they’re going. They crave new places and new experiences and love escaping their homes for mother nature and the open road. If this describes someone on your holiday shopping list, then here are a few gift ideas you shouldn’t miss.

Packing Solutions for the Spontaneous Traveler

Once bitten by the travel bug, some people jump at the first opportunity for a trip at home or abroad. This sometimes leads to hastily packed bags and forgotten necessities. If the voyager in your life is prone to spontaneous trips, you might consider buying them something to get organized before hitting the road. Packing cubes are an easy solution to compartmentalize luggage, saving space and making last-minute packing a breeze.

Language Guides for Traveling Abroad

Not everyone can just get up and travel the world. It takes guts to throw oneself out there to experience different languages, foods and culture. When holiday shopping for a fearless voyager, you might consider giving them a guide to exploring different countries all across the world.

If they already have a trip planned out, give them a translation guide. This way, your special traveler will have no problem communicating with locals, no matter what situation they encounter. Giving them a guide to new places and languages will enrich their next big trip and make their experience even more memorable.

Capturing Magical Moments with a New Camera

When we experience something new and exciting, our first instinct is to capture the moment in a picture. That’s why it’s no surprise so many travelers are also amateur photographers, using phones and cameras to capture their experiences. With advances in technology, more and more travelers are benefiting from higher-quality cameras that come closer to capturing these breathtaking moments.  A new camera could be a wonderful gift for your traveler to document their next expedition from start to finish.

Thanks to the GoPro, more and more adventurers are able to film their favorite activities shot in exotic locations. These small, easily mountable 4K HD cameras are perfect for capturing extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. If your voyager loves to bike, mountain climb, surf or even swim, then they might enjoy a GoPro to document all their thrilling experiences.

Gifts for Those Who Hate Leaving their Dog Behind

If your special traveler happens to be a dog lover, they probably face a dilemma each time they feel adventure’s call. Dog lovers hate leaving their best friend behind, so why not give something to help them bring their favorite canine along? Pop-up travel crates are an easy solution for taking their favorite pooch on their next big road trip. If your traveler owns a smaller breed, you might even consider gifting them their own pet stroller so their little pal can roll around town in style.

Whether your adventurer craves exotic lands or exploring deep mountain trails, these gifts are sure to delight and excite your voyager as they continue to put themselves out there to discover everything the world has to offer.

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