Group Planning For A Vacation Home Stay

Family Reunions and Group Getaways

Group travel has become the new way to vacation. Each year, youth groups, sports teams, church groups, business colleagues, and multiple generations of families gather together at a carefully chosen destination for time together without the hassles of busy schedules and everyday obligations. It’s like a pseudo-holiday (minus turkeys and decorative trees), and it can be boundlessly satisfying and magical – or it can be an unadulterated catastrophe. The good news is that a great majority of the outcome is within your control.

Group travel can be a brilliant option if you’re looking to share costs, but there are a few things that require a little extra consideration in planning a trip for the whole family. Here are a few of our best tips for planning the perfect group visit to the Orlando area:

  • PLAN accordingly!
    • The Orlando area can be an overwhelming place, and that can quickly sabotage a relaxing getaway. Do not wait until you cross the county line to consider how you want to spend your visit. By the same token – avoid overplanning. Some of the greatest magic we have is the kind you will just stumble upon unexpectedly. It won’t be in a guide map, and you won’t need a Fastpass to enjoy it. Consider leaving blocks of time on each day of your itinerary completely clear for random exploration time, or spontaneous stops you discover by happenstance – for those who feel adventurous!
  • Be thoughtful!
    • You may not be used to planning vacations for anyone other than those you know the very best – yourself, your spouse, and your children – but your travel planning skills are about to expand… and fast! Regardless of what type of group you are traveling with, you’re bound to have a representative mix of ages, interests, and more. It would be ridiculous to assume that everyone in your group envisions their vacation exactly as you do. Take into consideration things like: are there mobility issues among your guests – is anyone intolerant to certain natural aspects (sun, rain, etc.) – does anyone in your group have a habit of needing a midday power nap to recharge, and what about dietary restrictions? While you cannot please everyone all the time, make sure to create a well-rounded plan that includes something for everyone… and always leave enough time free for each guest to relax and recover after long days. An Orlando vacation can surely wear you out!
  • Keep the change!
    • If you are traveling with a group, there is an excellent chance that your party may be too big for a standard hotel room, but vacation rentals in the Orlando area offer six, seven, or even MORE bedrooms per home. The nightly cost of a vacation rental is at least comparable to a hotel’s nightly rate, but the value far surpasses the average hotel stay. Split the costs of the nightly rate among all guests, and you will be shocked at how little everyone is actually paying. As an added bonus, if your travel party is even too large for one home, many local vacation home companies manage multiple homes within the same community – or even on the very same block – request to be clustered in multiple homes as closely as possible!
  • Living Large!
    • Beyond saving money, you can easily see why the vacation home option is appealing. You have plenty of thoughtful space for family time or collaborative sessions, and when it’s time for a family dinner or a swim, everyone has the option to take part if they choose to. Alternatively, your home will accommodate your family comfortably and completely enough to promote the opportunity for alone time, too! Multiple bathrooms, separate living, dining, and sleeping areas are just some of the things you stand to gain in a standard vacation rental. Most Orlando-area vacation homes will also offer private pools, and many have hot tubs and game rooms. Taking advantage of your full-size, equipped kitchen to make a few meals or prep theme park snacks during your stay will go a long way toward $aving$ as well.

Hey Orlando vacation experts! Do you have additional group travel tips to share? Or personal experiences involving group travel? We would love to hear all about it. Feel free to comment on this post, or contact us anytime. Visit our full website for more information on Contempo Vacation Homes and our diverse inventory of fabulous vacation rentals in the Walt Disney World area – including homes perfect for group travelers.