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Leader in Florida’s Vacation Home Industry Credits Company Commitment and Customer Loyalty for Professional Longevity and Remarkable Success

Davenport, Fla – Since the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, the Orlando area has grown increasingly popular as a family vacation destination. Many diverse businesses have launched with the hopes of sharing in the success of the local tourism industry, but true longevity is anything but common. The ability to stay afloat and even thrive amid the challenges of the business and evolving standards of consumers speaks volumes for the integrity and commitment of a company, perhaps moreso in this industry than others. Contempo Group of Davenport has demonstrated an unparalleled strength in this market, reaching the remarkable milestone of 40 years in business as of 2017.

Contempo Group originated in California in 1977 under Don Wherrett, providing inclusive travel services for prominent Hollywood stars, among others. In 1990, the company relocated to Central Florida, incorporating with Wherrett and Gary Leventhal at the helm, and one Lakeland home to rent, launching their foray into vacation home sales, rentals, and management. The trifecta was achieved with the addition of Dr. Ian Pardoe in 2003 to complete the board of directors.

In 27 years of business locally, Contempo Group has maintained the same ownership. Staff stability is noteworthy as well, with many current employees boasting 10-20 years with the company. The climate of the business is one that genuinely strives to achieve satisfaction – for guests, property owners, and staff. Wherrett is 82 years of age and legally blind, yet he maintains a daily, full work schedule that includes a hands-on approach, and a sincere concern for the happiness of his staff clients, and customers.

This authentic desire to satisfy is a top characteristic of the distinctive brand that Contempo represents, and an accomplishment that is evidenced by the company’s unparalleled standing in customer fulfillment. With a 5%-7% industry standard complaint ratio, Contempo arguably leads the competition with an astonishing record of just 1.4%.

Wherett sees his company’s complete picture as one that must serve on multiple levels. For the property owners, he stresses that “We care about your home as if it were ours”.

Toward the guests, Wherrett’s vision is just as firm. “Our job is to make sure you as a guest go home smiling and come back next year with a guest”.

Beyond the attention to service and quality product, Contempo embraces innovation as a source of ongoing improvement and growth. Many Contempo properties welcomed the addition of the Point Central “smart home” system in 2016 for financial benefit of clients and consumers, as well as added convenience.

In 2016, Contempo also pioneered the U.S. integration of Netherland’s-based Maxxton software service as a streamlined tool in reservations, service, and management in the lodging sector through the Newyse “Hospitality ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. The goal of this transition aligns perfectly with the goals of Contempo Group, as Maxxton’s VP (Americas) Chris Connar explains, “This system was designed to automate every aspect of our business which reduces manual burden and ultimately allows us to focus more on ‘you’, our owners, new and repeat guests”.

Of course, the aim of business in general is to achieve profitability, but Contempo is just as concerned with maintaining the integrity and reputation of their brand as a matter of personal pride and distinguishment.

As a Virgin Holidays preferred supplier, Contempo has maintained impressive success in wholesale travel. 2017 will see Contempo expand into the retail market with direct bookings, development of relationships with prominent distribution channels, and special promotions geared toward a new customer base.

Contempo is no stranger to expansion and innovation. The company has grown to manage an inventory of approximately 600 homes, catering to more than 40,000 guests annually (with an exceptional average stay rate of 12 nights). Contempo has found the formula to keep property owners in a worthwhile investment, while offering a high-quality, affordable alternative to traditional lodging for vacationers. The company that forged the pathway for short-term vacation rentals in this region, will consistently seek the trend-setting methods to continue perfecting it.

About Contempo Group

Contempo opened its doors in 1977 as a provider of international travel services and today has grown into a Group of Companies that specialize in vacation home sales, management, rental, and franchising. Contempo Vacation Homes focuses its services in Orlando, Florida. Contempo Group is a Member of ASTA, IAGTO, and is a BBB A+ rated company. We are also the recipient of the Trip Advisor 2014 Excellence Award. Contempo Florida Holidays is a Visit Central Florida partner and Virgin Holidays preferred supplier. Contempo Florida Holidays works with renowned international tour operators such as Thomas Cook UK, Maritime Travel, Canada and starting this year- exclusively with CVC Brazil. With over 25 years in the marketplace, Contempo Florida Holidays’ current lodging inventory exceeds 600 vacation pool homes, condos, and townhomes providing accommodation to over 40,000 guests a year.

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