A Dozen Central Florida Date Night Ideas

Who says that Orlando isn’t for adults? Central Florida is the kind of place you never outgrow. Some might even say that the experiences you discover sans kids are the keys to discovering a whole new Orlando!

Whether you’re visiting the area for the first time without your kids, or you’re a frequent Florida vacationer looking for a new way to explore the grown-up side of the region, or yes – even is you’re simply a childless millennial… there’s a whole world of wonder to explore in our destination.

Of course, we encourage our guests of all ages to consider our bevy of theme parks, but for this list, we’re sticking to recommendations outside of the parks, for those who are looking for something a little different. Here are some of our favorite, non-theme park date night ideas for Central Florida visitors (and residents, too)!

Put Your Partnership To The Test

Escape rooms have become the IN thing. Chances are, you have one or more of these clever attractions near your own home, too. Here in Central Florida, we have many! At first, this may sound redundant, but escape rooms are each individually themed, making it perfectly acceptable to visit multiple venues, or to play different games within different locations. In fact, escape room fans typically visit many of the rooms, making it a challenge to better their skills each time they play a new room! Escape rooms require teamwork to solve puzzles and challenges in an effort to earn your “escape” from a themed experience. Usually, you have an hour to do so, but some games in the area offer shorter or longer experiences. One drawback – an escape room can be a challenge with only two players, and you may be lumped in with another group or couple to fill the room when you play. Drawbacks aside, it can be a great way to test your partnership and break the ice.

Sweets For The Sweet

Chocolate is a sure-fire way to win most anyone over. Who didn’t want to have the Willy Wonka experience as a kid? Put an adult spin on it with a visit to a dessert-only/adults-only restaurant like Better Than Sex, or enjoy a special date night experience at Farris & Foster’s Chocolate Factory, where you and your special someone will leave with a pound of chocolate goodness that you created together! You can also learn about the chocolate making process and the history of chocolate at The Chocolate Museum & Cafe or Chocolate Kingdom! Check for events at these locations as it is not uncommon to find original adult events on schedule like wine pairings and more!

Hit The Central Florida Ale Trail

Craft breweries have become such a popular addition to the Orlando scene, that there’s a whole trail devoted to the conquest of exploring them! The Central Florida Ale Trail includes 28 (and growing) stops at area breweries. This is not a guided tour, but a self-led, self-paced journey that can span as little or as long as you see fit. Visit all the locations listed on the interactive map, enjoy great local beers and get your map stamped at each location. When you complete the entire trail, the last brewery will reward you with a special growler celebrating your achievement. Plenty of opportunities to snack along the way as well, making this a fun way to bond with your partner and Orlando!

Explore The Waterways Uniquely

First-time visitors to our area sometimes don’t realize that we are not a coastal destination. True, you can reach both Gulf and Atlantic coast beaches in less than two hours, but directly in Orlando, there are no true coastal shores or beaches. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to have fun on the water, however! Looking beyond the various water parks, we have a lot of lakes, and those lakes provide the ideal setting for unique water-based experiences. A few of our favorite stand-outs include the Lake Eola Swan Boats, bioluminescent kayak tours, and of course, airboat rides – a true Florida favorite.

  • You can enjoy the Lake Eola Swan Boats year-round, and make a day and/or night of it by checking out the Downtown Orlando area for everything from dinner and drinks to live music and more.
  • Bioluminescent kayak tours are an incredible and memorable experience, only available seasonally. In certain locations, the natural phenomenon of glowing blue waters alive with activity called bioluminescence provide an exquisite show for nighttime kayakers. Guided tours take you right to the center of this unique activity from June through early October.
  • There are no shortage of options in the area when it comes to airboat tours, and this is an activity almost as essential to your Florida visit as the theme parks. (Some of us might say even more essential!) See the real Florida as you scour the marshy swamps inhabited by alligators and migratory birds for a genuine Florida adventure!

Discover History And Natural Wonder

You could easily spend a whole day on your own personal adventure at Bok Tower Gardens. You could also take part in any number of regular events, from cooking classes and tastings to outdoor movies and concert performances, the two of you will make beautiful memories that live long past your visit. The facility consists of a 250-acre garden, the 205-foot tall Singing Tower with its carillon bells, Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center with a cafe and gift shop. Stunning sights, intriguing pathways, unparalleled photo ops, and an original Florida experience for nearly a century tucked within the heart of Central Florida’s citrus region.

An Old Town With Everything

Kissimmee’s Old Town complex is a hub of diverse amusements and experiences. It’s a great response to the “I don’t know” conundrum of selecting a date destination, because frankly, it has a bit of everything! The daytime experience at Old Town is a bit less populated and calmer. You can still take advantage of the shops and attractions while stopping to eat along your stroll or tossing back a beer or daiquiri during the sunlight hours, but nighttime ushers in car and motorcycle shows, live music, and streams of neon lights. While at Old Town you can catch a magic show, mine for gems, explore a year-round haunted house, and fly from the world’s tallest skycoaster – as well as shop, drink, dine, and dance. Sounds like a win from every angle!

Eat Your Way To A Love Connection

Food tourism is all the rage nowadays, and the Orlando-area was quick to step up to that challenge. If you’re not sure where to begin your culinary adventure, perhaps a food tour is the way to go? Depending on which area(s) you’re interested in exploring, here are a few of the top-rated Central Florida food tour experiences:

Tourist-Favorite Nightlife Experiences

There are certainly plenty of places to get your drink on and cash in on spectacular happy hour specials throughout the area, but if you want to spruce up the outing and add a unique experience to your drinking experience, consider popping into IceBar or Mango’s Tropical Cafe on I-Drive! Both of these venues offer something a little more than a decent drink menu. Prices are a bit beyond the corner pub, but the signature beverages and original experiences make it all worthwhile. Mango’s has a full food menu as well, so this constitutes a full evening out for dinner, drinks, a show, and – dancing lessons? Yes – this is an option! IceBar offers the coolest experience on I-Drive, where guests are invited to chill out in an ice cavern during their visit! Sounds like a great excuse for a snuggle, doesn’t it?

Comedy Is Always A Winning Idea

You can never lose with a laugh! Keep the chuckles going and the mood light with a stop at Orlando Improv on I-Drive or SAK Comedy Lab Downtown. Orlando Improv at Pointe Orlando provides amateur and professional-level live comedy acts at one of the area’s most beloved shopping, dining, and entertainment complexes. Plenty to do here before and after the show, so make a full evening of it! SAK Comedy Lab is a long-standing improv comedy club along the lines of Whose Line Is It Anyway, with opportunities for budding improvisational artists to get in on the action through ongoing classes open to the public.