Why Brits Love Orlando for a Family Holiday

A few years ago, we rocked up at departures in Manchester England and boarded our Virgin Atlantic flight to Orlando.

I’m not a fan of flying, but I ignore that in order to see the world and give my children new experiences.

It was a dream flight. Two children watched movies and played games and loved every second, our little one breastfed and slept all the way and even the baby in my tummy was relaxed.

Customs was rather slow but soon we were selecting our beast of a hire car and heading off to find our holiday villa.

Outdoor Fun

How could we not love Orlando when you can hire the most amazing private villa with a pool for a fraction of what you would pay in Europe. Ours had 7 bedrooms, we didn’t need them all but the space was amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, where else can you be woken up early by the children and have a swim in your private pool whilst you watch the sun rise and hot air balloons float across the sky above you?

It would be fair to say us Brits are blown away by the sheer size of all things USA, and Orlando sums it all up. We are in awe if not a little intimidated by the size of the vehicles on the interstate, the size of the theme parks, the size of the ice creams, the size of the smoothies…just the size of all the neon signs on the side of the road. Did I mention us guys from our tiny little island think that Orlando is a BIG deal?

The weather is something else we love. When you live somewhere that, these days can experience all four seasons in one day, the heat of Orlando is a massive attraction. Us Brits get all excited at home when we have two warm days in a row, on day three when we’ve bought the sun cream that’s the hot spell over for another year.

We love that you guys speak English, with the exception of some confusion over the sidewalk, trash can and dipers of course. Personally, I do speak other languages and enjoy travelling to those countries but there’s something easy about being stateside.

We love the size of your supermarkets, sorry grocery stores, and personally as a mum of four I consider the size of things you can buy much more sensible. The choice of products is also fantastic.

We love riding the Everglades looking for gators, feeling the wind in our hair and we love that somehow things seem more carefree for a few days.

Lots of Brits love Orlando because, as much as we adore our quaint British villages, our Sunday roasts and our scenic countryside, Orlando is a place where dreams can come true and amazing family memories can be made that last a lifetime.

Charlotte Pearson is a British mum of four, she blogs at Mummy Fever about parenting, lifestyle and family travel and her family are huge fans of Orlando.